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Ray Roman is coming to Boston

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Ray Roman is one of the world’s best event filmmakers. He has taught internationally for years attracting eager filmmakers to learn from his commanding style. Now he is headed to Boston, MA for his signature Crash Course Workshop featuring a hands-on experience covering creative shooting techniques, ceremony and reception coverage, lighting, composition, audio, and his DSLR workflow. To see Ray’s work, visit his website RAY ROMAN FILMS. At this time if you are interested in attending, please email

“Ray is one of the best educators that the event industry has ever witnessed. I always take away gold nuggets every time he speaks.” – Adam Forgione of Pennylane Productions


Wedding videographers are not as important as wedding photographers

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Emilie Sommer, a Maine-based wedding photographer, recently wrote a childish and ignorant blog post that gained popularity by dissing wedding filmmakers all around. The discussion is on fire on the most popular Facebook forum for wedding filmmakers Wedding Cinema & Wedding Photography. As we all know, photography is very important for the memory of a wedding but filmmaking is very important just the same. There are good people and bad people in any business, that’s as simple as it gets.

The world doesn’t revolve around self-centered artists who don’t seem to know how to balance social skills and mutual respect for their fellow vendors. Everyone has the right to be passionate and serious about their jobs. The most talented and successful in any business are the ones that know how to balance for a win/win outcome using basic communication. The fact that Emilie closed her comments appears very suspicious indicating the flood of people who disagree. Sometimes you have to take a step back and say “Maybe I’m the problem.”

Masters In Motion Live posted a more detailed reaction of this controversial article.

Posts like this are misleading and poisonous to the entire wedding industry and all potential clients involved. We will be glad to pull this post once Emilie as realized she has mad a mistake and pulls this rubbish off her public site.

Pennylane Workshops announces Advanced Audio Workshop Download

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Adam Forgione finally announced his latest workshop download “Advanced Audio for Filmmakers“. This download is over 3 hours long filled with tricks and tips from this former sound engineer and music producer. The workshop covers all aspects of capturing audio and sweetening audio in post production.

Topics include : Capturing Audio,Sweetening Audio in Post, How To Pick the Right Microphone, How To Pick the Right Field Recorder, Wired vs. Wireless, Preamps, Cables, Syncing, ADR, EQ’s (equalizers), Compressors, Limiters, Editing music, Song structure, Time signatures, Sound Design/Sound Effects, Ambient audio, Using source audio creatively, Voice overs, Complete setups for dialogue, interviews, wedding production, etc. This course is over 3 hours of tricks from Adam Forgione of Pennylane Productions – voted “One of the top event filmmakers in the world” by EventDV Magazine, Winner of 19 WEVA Creative Excellence Awards.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Ray Roman Workshops coming to Los Angeles and New Jersey

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Ray Roman is one of the top event filmmakers on the planet.
His techniques and style have been emulated by countless filmmakers
and now he is coming to you to share his secrets.

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