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Joe Simon voted favorite event filmmaker

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A recent poll was taken on the WCP Forum on Jan. 28, 2012. The forum currently holds over 1000 members. Each member was asked to vote for their favorite event filmmaker in the world. 160 votes were tallied and out of those Joe Simon received 30 votes which put him in a considerable lead from the pack of other known filmmakers. 2nd place totaled 22 votes and the rest were spread out among about 25-30 other filmmakers. The actual question asked was “Who is your favorite filmmaker (pick one) ?”


This poll does not mean anything more than a simple question asked in a popular active forum for event filmmakers but it was the first facebook poll of its kind and it was interesting to see the results. You can continue to vote or view the results if you are a member of this popular forum WCP FORUM. You can join if you are an event filmmaker or photographer.

Joe Simon of Joe Simon Films is an Event-DV25 winner and is known around the world as one of the best event filmmakers. You can view his work at his website or congratulate him on twitter @joesimon.



Joe Simon is also giving 2 up coming workshops with fellow award winning filmmaker Kevin Shahinian from Pacific Pictures, known for his stunning imagery and famous concept films. Visit their workshop site to see the full schedule. Congratulations Joe Simon!

Joe Simon Wedding Films
Twitter : @joesimon

Should I run an ad on facebook?

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Many people wonder if Facebook ads pay off. One filmmaker says

“Ok I decided to ignore everyone’s advice and run an ad on Facebook. Based on the targeted info, 2100 engaged females should have seen my ad. After 4 days, only 61 have seen it and no clicks. So here’s my overall opinion; Facebook ads suck. Thank god I went with per click. It did not cost me anything.”

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