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Pennylane Workshops announces Advanced Audio Workshop Download

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Adam Forgione finally announced his latest workshop download “Advanced Audio for Filmmakers“. This download is over 3 hours long filled with tricks and tips from this former sound engineer and music producer. The workshop covers all aspects of capturing audio and sweetening audio in post production.

Topics include : Capturing Audio,Sweetening Audio in Post, How To Pick the Right Microphone, How To Pick the Right Field Recorder, Wired vs. Wireless, Preamps, Cables, Syncing, ADR, EQ’s (equalizers), Compressors, Limiters, Editing music, Song structure, Time signatures, Sound Design/Sound Effects, Ambient audio, Using source audio creatively, Voice overs, Complete setups for dialogue, interviews, wedding production, etc. This course is over 3 hours of tricks from Adam Forgione of Pennylane Productions – voted “One of the top event filmmakers in the world” by EventDV Magazine, Winner of 19 WEVA Creative Excellence Awards.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Royalty Free / Licensed Music for Weddings

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615 Music – – must create account before seeing much. Mention WCP Facebook Forum and save 18%.

Audio Jungle – – varies and check out the difference between standard and extended license, its not clear to me.

Band Camp – – Waiting to hear back from them if they really do royalty-free music.

Catalyst Sound – – you have to ask for a quote, no idea on licensing

Digital Juice (Music Box or older Stack Traxx)- – price varies, use forever – Royalty Free library, 3 volumes, but currently going through “retirement” and will probably show up as a download item at some point.

Ear Candy Digital – – $25/song – 25 dvd limit per project – lifetime use, “20forcali” for 20% off through March 2012.

First Com – – Can’t tell must create userid on site and they will contact you.

Footage Firm – – $8.41/CD – use forever

Free Stock Music – – no fees, no catch, unlimited downloads – forever

Incompetech – – Free if willing to credit to $30 –  unlimited

Jewel Beat – – $1 upwards – be sure to read standard vs extended license – 99 years

Music Bed, The – – $49/song – 1 time use, $79 – one year multiple use

Music 2 Hues – – $19/song – emailed them about licensing, its not clear.

Music Licensing Store – – requires registration to see pricing

Neosounds – – $19 and up per song. NeoSounds offers two types of licenses: the Standard License and the Mass Market License. Both of the licenses allow use of  music and sfxs in almost any type of audio/visual production as many times as you desire, in as many of your productions as you desire, for as long as you desire.

O’Neill Brothers (Piano Music) – – Can licesnse by the song ($59 for 3 songs) or the whole library.  WEVA members get the whole library for $150, instead $247.

Premium Beat – – $30-$50/song, use forever

ProductionTrax – – anywhere from $13-$120,  We would require B license, couldn’t find the length of license

Shawn Reeder Music – – $44/song – 99 years, I couldn’t figure out how to sample the music.

SmartAssMusic – – $4-$16/song based on license type – 99 years

Smartsound – – $30 upwards, unlimited use

Song Freedom – – $4-$36/song requires subscription – 1 yr from when downloaded, “DR” for 50% off

Sound Rangers – – $20 to $200 – multitude of licenses

Stock20 – hhtp:// – $20/song – lifetime

Triple Scoop Music – – $60/song – 99 years

Truetone Productions – – $48/song – 1 yr license

Vimeo Music Store – – free to $98 for commercial use – single specific video

With Etiquette – – $99/song – 5 years

You License – – $6-$300 based on purpose, can’t tell requires registration