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Wedding videographers are not as important as wedding photographers

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Emilie Sommer, a Maine-based wedding photographer, recently wrote a childish and ignorant blog post that gained popularity by dissing wedding filmmakers all around. The discussion is on fire on the most popular Facebook forum for wedding filmmakers Wedding Cinema & Wedding Photography. As we all know, photography is very important for the memory of a wedding but filmmaking is very important just the same. There are good people and bad people in any business, that’s as simple as it gets.

The world doesn’t revolve around self-centered artists who don’t seem to know how to balance social skills and mutual respect for their fellow vendors. Everyone has the right to be passionate and serious about their jobs. The most talented and successful in any business are the ones that know how to balance for a win/win outcome using basic communication. The fact that Emilie closed her comments appears very suspicious indicating the flood of people who disagree. Sometimes you have to take a step back and say “Maybe I’m the problem.”

Masters In Motion Live posted a more detailed reaction of this controversial article.

Posts like this are misleading and poisonous to the entire wedding industry and all potential clients involved. We will be glad to pull this post once Emilie as realized she has mad a mistake and pulls this rubbish off her public site.

Ray Roman Workshops coming to Los Angeles and New Jersey

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Ray Roman is one of the top event filmmakers on the planet.
His techniques and style have been emulated by countless filmmakers
and now he is coming to you to share his secrets.

Battle Royale : Photo vs. Cinema

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Travis Cossel : Miami based cinematographer

Ricky Restiano : New York based photographer

Ivan Apfel : Miami based photographer

Jonathan Armendariz : New York based cinematographer

This will be a stimulating discussion between two photographers and and two cinematographers about how the two industries can work together and how there is so much friction in our industries working together. Getting it all out there and discussing solutions is the only way. We are happy to invite these 4 talented artists to duke it out, share war stories, and maybe learn a thing or two.

ShootQ with Matt Davis and Leeann Marie

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View this livestream interview with Matt Davis of LIfe Stage FIlms and Leeann Marie, a ShootQ Accredited Consulting Expert. They discuss everything you ever wanted to know about Shootq which is a cloud-based studio management software. Topics include lead management, stats, customer database, reminders, calendars, invoicing, contracts, automated workflows and emails, and much more.

ShootQ helps automate and optimize your business so you can spend less time doing paperwork and more time being creative. It creates freedom for you so you can work on building your business, investing in your relationships and giving back to your community. Think of ShootQ as a full-time employee or better yet a 24/7 employee.


Matt Davis is an award winning event filmmaker who uses and teaches ShootQ to fellow filmmakers. Check out his education at Video Business Coaching.

Leeann Marie is a Pittsburgh based photographer and ShootQ Accredited Consulting Expert : SHOOTQ SETUP