Event Filmmaker’s Worth


We asked the question “What is your average invoice?” and out of about 184 entries so far, we came up with this graph. About 93% were entries from the United States. The idea that event filmmakers are undervalued is a common belief within the industry. Here are some interesting stats based on average invoices :

  • Only 3.4% charge $7000+¬†
  • Over 1/2 the industry charges between $2000-4000
  • 87% charge under 5k
  • 22% charge under 2k
Recently at the IN[FOCUS] conference, many leaders were pushing for the industry raise the value of event filmmaking. Keep in mind not every event filmmaker is present here but this gives you a nice snapshot of what our industry looks like today. It is obvious that the major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco house some of the more expensive companies but the standard of living is equally higher. Some companies choose to focus on destination weddings so that they can go to the cities with higher budgets.
These charts gave us the idea to create more surveys so we can all take a snap shot of what our industry looks like. If you would like to suggest other graphs, please comment below or add your ideas in our suggestion box. Stay tuned for more of these fun surveys and be sure to join WCP FORUM on Facebook where this poll originated from.
We can update the poll if enough event filmmakers add to the original 2 question survey here.
Results as of 4:30pm Jan 25, 2012. Be sure to share this so we can feedback on how to make the next survey better.
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6 Responses to Event Filmmaker’s Worth

  1. Karyn Reohr (Black Label Films)

    Wow, Adam, I love this. THANK YOU for all your hard work to bring this information out!

  2. david robin

    Its a very sad snapshot. I wish we could figure out a way to make everyone unilaterally raise their prices!

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  4. Tom Butaccio

    I wonder what portion of the high-end wedding film invoices are travel fees for people who do international/destination?

  5. Daily Filmmaker

    Tom, Its a good question. I find that most double their price for a destination wedding. Some include travel fees while others let the client cover travel in addition.

  6. All Digital Video Inc.

    It looks like some of those prices will be all inclusive. Including travel/ lodging/food/ground transportation/ multi day shoots etc etc. a breakdown would be better

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