LIVESTREAM : “Delivery” with Tatjana Green and Candice Cossel


Once your film is finished, it’s not over yet. One of the most important steps to the successful customer experience is The Delivery. What does your customer feel when they open your packaging? Is it different than anyone else? Did they expect to have an experience opening it like they did? Where is it stored and how is it shared? These questions any many more are questions you should be asking yourself when delivering your product to your customer.

Join us on Tuesday February 7, 2012 at 4pm EST as Tatjana Green of Brought to You By and Candice Cossel of Serendipity Studios discuss this overlooked topic. Tatjana is a well known Art Director, Brand Expert, and Filmmaker and Candice Cossel is an award winning photographer who runs her photo + cinema studio with husband Travis Cossel. We will cover delivery devices like custom flash drives, wireless downloads, dvd, blu-ray, ipads, and more. Delivery times and expectations, perceived value which effects first impressions, branding on your packaging, how your clients can share your work, and making an impact to your clients.

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8 Responses to LIVESTREAM : “Delivery” with Tatjana Green and Candice Cossel

  1. meg simone

    Will this be available to watch as a re-run? I was in a meeting and missed it. Thanks 🙂 Meg

  2. Daily Filmmaker


  3. F. Mike Henriques

    Ditto what Meg said…..

  4. Steve Moses

    I was filming a WIPA meeting & missed it…..I want to see it ADAM we will pay for your time…I’ll throw in 5 bucks 🙂

    • Idalia

      Super inomrfative writing; keep it up.

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  5. David Ruzicka

    Yes please. I missed it too.

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