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Repairing or Retrieving Corrupt Audio Files

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Most of us use field recorders to capture audio. Sometimes things go wrong like batteries running out, files not finalizing, etc. We notice that sometimes our audio files are corrupt and cannot play. We have found that VLC from Videolan can repair these files a lot of the times. It’s free so try it the next time something goes wrong, it’s saved us many times. Here’s how to do it :

STEP 1 : Open VLC and choose “Streaming/Exporting Wizard”

STEP 2 : Choose “Transcode/Save To File”

STEP 3 : Choose “Select a Stream”

STEP 4 : Check “Transcode Audio” and choose “Uncompressed, integer” and “512”

STEP 5: Choose “next” – wav is only choice

STEP 6 : Choose “Select the file to save to” and name the new file – That’s It!

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Should I run an ad on facebook?

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Many people wonder if Facebook ads pay off. One filmmaker says

“Ok I decided to ignore everyone’s advice and run an ad on Facebook. Based on the targeted info, 2100 engaged females should have seen my ad. After 4 days, only 61 have seen it and no clicks. So here’s my overall opinion; Facebook ads suck. Thank god I went with per click. It did not cost me anything.”

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Two Event Cinema Workshop dates announced

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  2/21/12 @ WPPI, Las Vegas 

Two complete sessions. One day only. Limited to 15 attendees per session. Joe Simon and Kevin Shahinian present an all-new two-part cinematography workshop at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV, to coincide with WPPI. This exclusive full day course includes timeless storytelling techniques, in-depth HDSLR filmmaking workflows, and essentials for photographers and filmmakers of all skill levels looking to take their cinematography skills to the next level.

4/15/12 @ NAB, Las Vegas 

A full day session. One day only. Limited to 15 attendees. Joe Simon and Kevin Shahinian present the second in an all new workshop series for filmmakers at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV, to coincide with NAB. This complete full day course includes an exploration of advanced narrative theories, techniques to maximize production value from pre-production through post, and a dissection of the all new Canon C300 complete with hands-on training and shooting exercises with this exciting new camera.

“Little Black Book” The Most Prestigious Listing

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If you don’t know already, there is a website called StyleMePretty also known as SMP. This is an upscale wedding blog that attracts influential brides. For an event filmmaker, the holy grail of listings is the coveted Little Black Book which is SMP’s prestigious listing. Now you can’t just call SMP up and say “How much to get on?” They won’t consider you unless another company that’s listed recommends you. It’s not over there, they still need to go through a serious review process and ask other vendors if they know you as well. They get submissions and recommendations all the time so it can be very tedious for SMP to choose the right vendor. Once they fill the area with only a few (usually around 3) filmmakers, they close the listing until someone is removed from the list. Of course this rarely happens because everyone wants the spot. There is an advertising fee as well but it is very low. SMP says it’s not about the money, it’s about having a true listing with high standards so this publication is very concerned about just who gets on their exclusive Little Black Book listing.

Visit the listing and see who is on there so you can size yourself up with your competition. If you feel that you have what it takes to get listed, then contact SMP and also ask for recommendations from current LBB members who can sponsor you. Once you get on the list, you will have the chance to enter your latest work to be featured on their blog. If you get this opportunity, your clip will get a huge number of hits and most definitely more inquiries in the days following your feature. These are not just any brides, these are brides who take filmmaking seriously and are looking for the top dog in the area with a respectable budget to back it up