Photographers Using Video Light, Is This A Problem?

A fellow filmmaker was concerned about how some photographers use video lights during wedding receptions. He says that his shots have been ruined because of this problem. The main problem, he says, is that the moving light can easily throw off exposure of the filmmaker’s shot. There are photographers who argue that the light should always follow the subject. You can follow and comment on the original post located here. The filmmaker said this :



ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS: Please, if you’re going to use a video light during reception events (first dance, toasts, whatever), keep it stationary. On the video side we are having to run all cameras continuously, so if you’re moving a hot video light from location to location it really throws off our exposure constantly and also looks really funky on video. Flashes at least look like part of the event. But having a mobile spotlight just makes it look (on video) like the video crew didn’t know what they were doing. Thanks!

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