Share the best tip you learned from In[Focus]

If you attended In[Focus] 2012, please take the time comment about the best tip you learned from the speaker of your choice. To reserve your seat for In[Focus] 2013 visit their website now.

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4 Responses to Share the best tip you learned from In[Focus]

  1. Michael Dontigney

    Get them on the backend. Don’t give everything away. – Ray Roman

  2. Brian Coe

    Shoot much more content to be able to make better edits

  3. Andrew Sorlie

    For me: MYW said we’re not here to document the wedding as it happened, but to make it look better than how it
    actually happened.

    I fully loved learning the language of film and how to practically apply the less is more concept.

  4. kaipo

    Lots of great tips I gleaned from the presenters and my colleagues. Here are some I’m going to explore and think about:

    – Delete all uses of the word DEPOSIT and use RETAINER instead (both mean different things – look it up)
    – Put dates when dealing with payments (ex: instead of 3 months use actual date when it’s due)
    – hire a dedicated (and competent) sound guy to capture all your audio on the wedding day – finding an inexpensive one can be done!

    There’s plenty more, but I recommend signing up and watching the presentation videos on the infocusevent website – you’re investing in your business – DO IT!

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