Wedding videographers are not as important as wedding photographers


Emilie Sommer, a Maine-based wedding photographer, recently wrote a childish and ignorant blog post that gained popularity by dissing wedding filmmakers all around. The discussion is on fire on the most popular Facebook forum for wedding filmmakers Wedding Cinema & Wedding Photography. As we all know, photography is very important for the memory of a wedding but filmmaking is very important just the same. There are good people and bad people in any business, that’s as simple as it gets.

The world doesn’t revolve around self-centered artists who don’t seem to know how to balance social skills and mutual respect for their fellow vendors. Everyone has the right to be passionate and serious about their jobs. The most talented and successful in any business are the ones that know how to balance for a win/win outcome using basic communication. The fact that Emilie closed her comments appears very suspicious indicating the flood of people who disagree. Sometimes you have to take a step back and say “Maybe I’m the problem.”

Masters In Motion Live posted a more detailed reaction of this controversial article.

Posts like this are misleading and poisonous to the entire wedding industry and all potential clients involved. We will be glad to pull this post once Emilie as realized she has mad a mistake and pulls this rubbish off her public site.

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13 Responses to Wedding videographers are not as important as wedding photographers

  1. Ray Roman

    Emilie sounds like an amateur photographer who is very concerned that wedding videographers are now using proper composition and lighting to create imagery that might make her work seem dull. Emilie (along with many other amateur photographers) have the ignorant mentality that if the videographer that’s producing this live event ..does anything other than stay “on the sideline”, then she cannot properly do her job. Give me a break! The reality is that ‘Professionals’ will always find a way to work together as a team. Everyone has a bad day with another vendor, but true professionals always find a way to make it work. There are a growing number of photographers that cannot handle the fact that present day cinematography has caught up to photography..and in many cases is taking the lead. It’s usually the amateur photographer that writes inaccurate and self-serving blog posts..only to disable comments once she realizes how many people disagree with her. Wake up and smell the coffee’s not all about you on the wedding’s about the couple. Shame on you!

    • Sage

      Absolutely. Pros find a way to collaborate.

    • Steph | bubblerock

      Working together does work – first truth.
      There is good and bad in any Industry – another truth.
      On the wedding day, it’s all about the couple – the biggest truth.

      • Cindy

        This week my favorite candy is the fun size nestle crunch bars. Last week it was the 3 mukrsteese. And I’ve had 3 of the Screme Eggs, very yummy! I blame my sweet tooth on being very pregnant, so it’s ok! Lol.

  2. Andrew Waite

    Amen Ray!

  3. Alicia

    This business is BUILT on referrals. She shot herself in the foot, that’s for sure.
    If anything, it shows she is not a team player. Why on earth would I want to refer her to anyone??
    Thanks for continuing to get the word out and for sharing your own thoughts.

  4. Dave Williams

    Some photographers are scared they have become or are soon becoming irrelevant. However, the good ones have learned to adapt, making it a better experience for everyone, especially the client.

  5. Travis Cossel

    The fact that Emilie wrote a blog post disparaging an entire industry and then locked the comments for the blog post says everything. She’s not worth writing any more about ..

    • Essie

      Taciana Costa diige:Obrssada Lina!!Como vou com criança gostaria de saber se as caminhadas de cada roteiro que vc indica são muito longas e se no guia tem também a opção de como fazer por metrô.


      C'mon, Steve. It has been the eternal right of women to fornicate with whoever they choose and then pick the father (or fathers) that will best provide. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that Talleyrand appears to have been persuaded he was the father. It is, after all, a wise man whom knows his father.

  6. paul l. plotkin

    WOW!!!…Emilie is quite the scathing young lady, isn’t she??? A couple of points if i may. In Ms. Emilie’s defense, she never says “Wedding Videographers are not as important as Wedding Photographers”, so i do think it’s a bit unfair to paint that picture. But that’s where i draw the line. So i will dissect her point by point. 1-“videographers are in the thick of the action often angling for the same shot I am or worse- preventing me from getting that great shot.” I have shot every type of event from weddings to commencements to funerals and i wish i had a nickel for every time i looked over my shoulder after feeling the hot breathe of a photog, piggybacking MY shot. 2-“Since your videographer is using the exact same cameras as I have, it’s confusing to your guests to know who is shooting video and who is taking stills.” i’ve had a chance to speak w/ Nikon and Canon and gotten them to agree to eliminate the video function on all future DSLRs. Happy now, Ms. Emilie? 3-“We typically have two photographers at every wedding. Add a videographer, sometimes two and even an assistant- and you have a full on troupe of paparazzi.” If you cut one photographer, i’ll cut one videographer! (and the assistant!) 4-“We developed and operate by a strict code of conduct that follows the ethics of photojournalism and our approach to the day including how we dress, how we present ourselves, what we eat and when, etc.” I don’t even know what that means and how it pertains to anything, unless Ms. Emilie is insinuating videographers do not share the same “codes” as she. All in all, one must consider the source. I’ve looked at Ms. Emilie’s work…c’mon guys, really?…you care what she has to say? I certainly didn’t see anything in her work that sets her apart from any AVERAGE wedding photographer. Her use of depth is fair at best and her composition is nothing to write home about. So why is everyone so up in arms? It’s not like she’s Joe Buissink!!!

    • Ray Roman

      As I stated above, she’s just a bitter, insecure amateur photographer.

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