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Welcome to the DF. This is a super blog for the event filmmaker’s industry. Just like there is the Washington Post for politics, the Wallstreet Journal for finances, this will be our New York Times of the wedding and event filmmakers industry.¬†We welcome suggestions to make the site better, stories that you may want to share, and ideas to make our businesses prosper.

This blog will remain transparent and unbiased so you can find out the latest and greatest within our industry. We will encourage education and try to keep an up-to-date calendar on all events and workshops in our industry. As we grow, we will have regularly scheduled interviews and we will invest back into the Daily Filmmaker and add cutting edge features. This site will make it’s revenue from advertisements so that the visitors can enjoy a powerful free tool for their businesses and the site can afford to invest back into itself. We will provide reviews of the hottest gear, and links to the best sites around. Ideas to make you a better cinematographer, a better editor, and a better business owner.

The forum is one of the most powerful tools on here. It links directly to a private forum on Facebook called Wedding Cinema & Wedding Photographers (WCP). “Ask for invite” to the forum and you should get in soon after as long as someone recognizes your name. There are over 950 active members around the world as of Jan. 13, 2012 so if you’re in the business, someone will know you.

Please use the Suggestion link if you have ideas to make this experience better.

The mission : To raise the bar on event filmmakers around the world

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  1. aldo

    hi, im aldo ricci, italian filmmaker.. this is my first video with the new canon c100 .. https://vimeo.com/54599904

    its possible share?


  2. Lily Sainz

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